Viv Cooling

Digital Engagement Project Delivers Volunteer Workshops.

The launch of our Digital Engagement programme, funded with part of the money provided by the first round of the Culture Recovery Fund, started with ten, very succesful online workshops for HCT volunteers. The workshops were designed to encourage local volunteer groups to find new and innovative ways in which to engage with audiances long-term, and by doing so, encourage wider public support for individual chapels and the Trust as a whole. The topics of the workshop sessions included; How… Read More »Digital Engagement Project Delivers Volunteer Workshops.

Another well received #ChapelTalk

On Tuesday, the HCT hosted the second of the new series of #ChapelTalks. The speaker, Dr Tim Grass, took listeneners on a journey through the Suffolk Landscape as he shared his personal memories and knowledge of the Strict Baptist Chapels that have become so much part of the cultural and built heritage of this beautiful county. Dr Grass shared the story of how is Father’s favoutite hymn, a Baptist Pastor himself, was Isaac Watt’s paraphase of Psalm 122, and how… Read More »Another well received #ChapelTalk

First #ChapelTalks Held

On Monday 25th January we held the first in the series of our, #ChapelTalks. Given by Dr Peter Forsaith, the talk questioned the real stories behind the rise of John Wesley and dispelled some of the myths around the creation of Methodism. Many interesting questions followed from the audience and positive comments showed it was well received. The Talks were originally the idea of members of our local volunteer groups, created as a way for local groups to stay in… Read More »First #ChapelTalks Held