Covid 19, March 2021

In response to the Covid-19 national lockdown which commenced on Tuesday 5 January 2021, we regret to say that our chapels are once again closed to the public for general visiting.

Following the Government’s recent announcement, we are looking forward to welcoming everyone back to HCT chapels soon.

At present, our chapels are still closed to the public for general visiting. However, as places of worship, they are available for communal worship, weddings in exceptional circumstances, and funerals. Where possible, we are supporting the local communities around our chapels by providing access for individual prayer.

Provided the Government confirms the dates set out in its Roadmap, from 12 April we look forward to re-opening HCT chapels for the local community. And, from 17 May, we are pleased our chapels will be able to open again for general visiting by members of the public. We will be following all the necessary Government guidelines to ensure that churches are safe and welcoming.
To help everyone, we’ve created a helpful summary of what the roadmap published by the Government means for HCT chapels:

Our offices remain closed and staff will be working from home. We ask you not to post anything to us and use email for all correspondence during this time at You can still phone the Local Community Officer on 07741 016 832.