SEE AND HEAR Bethesda in 360°

We’re pleased to reveal The Cathedral of the Potteries in 360° with voices and music from chapel volunteers and former members of the congregation.

With help from the National Heritage Lottery Fund the Historic Chapels Trust has been creating virtual tours for a number of sites. This has helped communities to find new ways of telling their stories to wider audiences. For Bethesda this means showing new visitors inside the amazing space, sharing some memories of life as part of the chapel, and explaining the significance of different features.

Look inside Bethesda!

Click the image to look inside this grand chapel and find out why it’s known as “The Cathedral of the Potteries”.

Mike Cooling, a Digital Archaeologist from Frith Heritage, has assisted the volunteers in sharing their beautiful chapel with digital audiences. He said “When I first walked into Bethesda I was immediately struck by how grand the space was, and by how humble and welcoming it seemed at the same time. In all my conversations with the volunteers it’s been clear that there’s so much love for this chapel because it has so much history and so many stories inside it. Hopefully this tour brings some of that to new audiences and that they fall in love with the place just like I did”.

During the project Bethesda volunteers have uncovered and collated a trove of photographs, recordings and historical Bethesda publications. Some of these can be seen in our Resources section, but much more will be published as the HCT Digital Project progresses through 2021.

For now, we hope you enjoy your visit to Bethesda Methodist Chapel, the Cathedral of the Potteries.