St. George’s German Lutheran Church, Series of Online Lectures.

The local committee at St.George’s German Lutheran Church, London, are well known for hosting engaging Talks. Often based around the history of the church, yopics have covered stories about the East End of London, local social and religious history, the arts and architecture. The Talks are always very well attended and very well recieved.

Historically, the Talks have been held at the church itself, but during 2020, the committee decided to make them available on-line. The on-line platform has meant that the Talks have reached a far wider and more diverse audiance, and with hugh success. The local committee have decided to continue to offer their series of Talks on-line even when they will physically be allowed to host them once more inside the buildng. This means that the Talks will be streamed live, from the building, making them accessible to a far larger audiance to enjoy.

The power of digital engagement is proof at St.George’s. It has meant that the local committee have been able to continue to engage with the public and grow their audiance, and in turn, the public have contributed to the care of the building by buying tickets to attend. I would call this a Win,Win,Win.

If you would like to attend one of St. George’s Talks, at just £5 per ticket, you will find all the information below and you can click on tghe title to take you to the booking page.

April, Tuesday 2oth at 7pm.

The History of the Mayorality of London. It was first mentioned in 1189 when Henry Fitzaylwyn was the holder and is not to be confused with the title Mayor of London which is only 20 years old and whose present incumbent is Sadiq Khan. The Lord Mayor presides only over that ancient part known as The City of London defined by the course of the Roman wall. It was given its charter in 1215 by King John and in 1397 Richard ‘Dick’ Whittington was elected for the first of his three incumbencies. He had a cat which became as famous as himself. City of London guide Julian Romain reveals the full history of the title in his imitable and engaging style

May, Tuesday 18th at 7pm

Whitechapel Art. Blue Badge Guide Pepe Martinez telling the story of street art in Whitechapel and environs, identifying the graffitists and revealing the conventions which have grown up around them.

June, Tuesday 15th at 7pm

St. George’s Walcker Organ. New resident organist Richard Brasier talking about and playing the historic instrument in St George’s church. It was made by the famous German organ builder Walcker and is unique in London. It dates from the 19th century and was probably paid for partly with a gift of £50 from the King of Prussia himself who took an interest in the church and the German community here. St George’s was built in 1762 to service the mainly German workforce in the sugar refineries which were then based here. It is a grade II listed building still with its original box pews, German memorials. Music has always been important to the Lutheran church and Martin Luther himself wrote many hymns. The congregation probably sang them unaccomapnied at first and it must have been an exciting day when the spanking new Walcker organ first blasted out Ein Feste Burg!

July, Tuesday 20th at 7pm

Discovering Women Composers. German musiologist and teacher Eva Rieger closes the current season of online lectures St George’s Talks with a lecture based on her findings and research into the difficulties faced by women who wish to pursue a career as a composer of contemporary music. Frau Rieger is the daughter of Julius Rieger, pastor of St George’s Lutheran church, London, during the 1930s. Her talk will include recollections of the differences between the London she remembers in the early 1950s and the Berlin she discovered at the same time.