St. George’s German Lutheran Church, Series of Online Lectures.

The local committee at St. George’s German Lutheran Church, London, are well known for hosting engaging talks. Often based around the history of the church, topics have covered stories about the East End of London, local social and religious history, the arts and architecture. The Talks are always very well attended and very well received.

Historically, the talks have been held at the church itself, but during 2020, the committee decided to make them available on-line. The on-line platform has meant that the Talks have reached a far wider and more diverse audience, and with huge success. The local committee have decided to continue to offer their series of Talks on-line even when they will physically be allowed to host them once more inside the building. This means that the Talks will be streamed live, from the building, making them accessible to a far larger audience to enjoy.

St. George’s proves the power of digital engagement. The local committee have been able to continue to engage with the public and grow their audience and in turn the public have contributed to the care of the building through ticket purchases. I would call this a Win, Win, Win.

If you would like to attend one of the St. George’s talks you will find all the information below and you can click each title to take you to the booking page. Tickets are £5 each.