Dovetailing Art Installation at Farfield

Musical instruments have evolved over many hundreds of years, their shapes and forms developed from natural materials through a transfer of skills from luthier to luthier. The project Dovetailing is a creative response to this evolution. The rhythms, harmonies and timbres of music echo back to the natural world, and it feels as if instruments themselves embody the potential for a balanced and harmonious intertwining of humankind and nature. The title of the project, Dovetailing, describes this relationship of two… Read More »Dovetailing Art Installation at Farfield

Farfield Virtual Tour Launched

Since February our volunteers have been working hard with our Digital Consultant to gather resources for virtual tours, memorial recordings, oral history projects, photographic journals, and much more. Today we’re pleased to release the Farfield Quaker Meeting House virtual tour with an audio track written and recorded by Dr. Chris Skidmore, one of the Farfield volunteers. We hope you enjoy this tour and we’d love to see you at the Meeting House in person some day!

Covid 19, March 2021

In response to the Covid-19 national lockdown which commenced on Tuesday 5 January 2021, we regret to say that our chapels are once again closed to the public for general visiting. Following the Government’s recent announcement, we are looking forward to welcoming everyone back to HCT chapels soon. At present, our chapels are still closed to the public for general visiting. However, as places of worship, they are available for communal worship, weddings in exceptional circumstances, and funerals. Where possible,… Read More »Covid 19, March 2021